Let your senses encounter the beauty, you live the intense pleasure of emotions, embrace wellness as relaxing experience for body and soul.
Très Jolie is not just a beauty parlor where you can find a staff of trained professionals and cutting edge, but it is the space for you to relax, evasion from stress; all it immersed in a setting where the lights and furniture lines emphasize a unique style and refined.
The search for beauty is not lost over time, because it is itself an antidote to pessimism, is an invitation to enjoy life, a shock which causes a change that creates an emotional being.
Très Jolie pays special attention to ‘customer needs, providing a high level of service and dispensing advice based on the characteristics of each person. The prices of our services are affordable and in line with the quality of service; an appointment system ensures the customer that the wait times are not only respected, but they are also experienced as a time of relaxation.
Très Jolie modeling your physical and mental shape according to the laws of beauty and this is forever.
Tres Jolie: hairdresser, beautician, massage, LPG treatment, laser hair removal SHR, Solarium Mega Sun, permanent makeup, manicure, pedicure, nails, sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool, experience shower and much more.

Beauty Luxury for Très Jolie

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Via D. Angherà 33, 47921 Rimini (RN), Italia