In the heart of the Salento peninsula, where in ancient times the Appian Way began its journey to the Empire’s capital, there are some places of legends, fairies and elves. Unforgettable for its wild scents of oregano and thyme. They are the Giuggianello’s Greenhouses at the foot of the Hill of the Child and the Nymphs, with their ancient pagan stories and Christian rituals, once celebrated in the Ipogea-Byzantine church of San Giovanni. A Stonehenge of Salento for its Dolmen, menhir and megalithic boulders.

Here, in the Park of Paduli, the only candidate to the Italian premium for landscape in 2015 of Council of Europe, there is the Relais Masseria Petrusella with its secular Olive trees as properties guardians of time. In this naked and raw land, bordered by a mix of heady essence of glades and of sea, we host our customers in typical Pajare of tuff with “volte a botte”, at the shadow of Olives.

Beauty Luxury for Relais Petrusella

Due minipiscine idromassaggio BL-801 embedded installation in the garden, under a bower.

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Strada Petrusella 1, 73030 Giuggianello (LE), Italy