Playgroup Academy is a young, dynamic company, specialized in vocational training courses, fitness music, toning, professional Pilates, Fitness international presentations and services to customers located in Umbria in a strategic position for quick and easy identification.
Today Playgroup offers the professionalism of operators postural and fitness and wellness professionals, where even in the new headquarters, work with satisfactory results and acclaim.
The propensity to discussion and communication that distinguishes us led us quickly to interesting national and international agreements.
Our prerogative is the team spirit which we are promoters and precursors, both within the staff and the customer who knows he can count on a true partner that can always offer the optimal solution with the absolute guarantee of safety.
The playgroup staff is able to provide a very high level of musical choreography services and everything necessary act to the realization of theatrical shows and performances Sports, with materials, their equipment and specialized personnel.

Beauty Luxury for Playgroupway

Finnish sauna BL-152 customized

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Our Address

Via dei Mastri 1, 06089 Torgiano (PG), Italia