FIT. MED. main mission is to offer a 360° being. Specialized instructors, advanced equipment, massage center, rooms for fitness and exercise specialist, SPA center for relaxation and comfort, make FIT.MED. one of the most advanced realities. Located in the city center of Cava dei Tirreni, the FIT.MED. is equipped gym, SPA center with hot tub spa, sauna, turkish bath. Annexed to FIT.MED there is a physiotherapy study at which you can perform therapeutic and curative activities.
Friendliness, kindness and professionalism are the main characteristics of FIT.MED. where hospitality is its strong point with the constant updating of its instructors in various disciplines.
Not surprisingly, the FIT.MED. He was chosen by Cavese Calcio 1919 as a conventional structure for physical therapy, preparation and training for its members.

Beauty Luxury fot Fit Med

Swim spa BL-821, turkish bath BL-4B and finnish sauna BL-152

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Our Address

Viale degli Aceri 16, 84013 Cava dei Tirreni (SA), Italia