The Holistic Center Tiamaria is a precious place of bioenergetic rebalancing, a unique jewel of its kind. Founded on a rich synergy of harmonious architectural styles, exciting play of light, penetrating music, enveloping essences, creates an enchanting atmosphere of wellbeing.
In total abandonment psycho – physical, surrounded by rebalancing sensory perceptions, we will rekindle through holistic paths that enclose a psychological knowledge, your emotions. Body and mind are granted to a natural dimension of wellness. You will find an oasis of pampering and attention, rich in natural elements and highly qualified professional techniques. It is a multifunctional place created to meet every need, from the cosmetics, which include multiple treatments for face and body, as for the well-being, as a turkish bath, savonage (cot body scrubs), aromatic showers, infrared sauna (slimming, anti-stress, fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, sprains, bursitis, sciatica, arthritis) and relaxing area where you can taste different teas from the rich properties and varied fragrances, to find a serene equilibrium with yourself. Allow yourself some time for you, for a long-term well-being, allowing us to confirm the natural vocation of high quality, taking care of every detail, every moment you spend at our facility.

Beauty Luxury for Tia Maria

Infrared sauna BL-108, turkish bath BL-6B

Address & Contact

Our Address

Piazza Umberto I 19, 95041 Caltagirone (CT), Italia