Thanks to the great passion for gym and the strengthening with the weights of the two founding partners, Tiziano Bortoluzzi (master of weighing and physical culture) and Diego Sartorelli (instructor of weighing and physical culture), was born in 1987 the A.S.D. Castellanza Pesi is located in a municipal plant in Castellanza.
In a healthy environment and respectful of the rules of sport, where everyone enjoys physical activity and cultivating a passion for weights, in an informal and familiar atmosphere but characterized by great dedication and professionalism, the Association focuses on young people to promote and disseminate weightlifting in both competitive (in recent years have been won by our athletes 63 national medals divided into 21 gold, 21 silverware, 21 bronze) that in the purely social one, to make known a discipline that requires constant commitment, dedication and hardness in training for its learning and the continuous desire to measure themselves against themselves and their limits trying to overcome them, offering in return to the boys a real “lifestyle”.
In addition to the competitive sector, our Association is open to all people who want to do healthy amateur activity with the help of weights and isotonic machines, under the watchful and professional eye of qualified instructors.
Another sector that is very important, especially in recent years is the preparation for other sports, where the maximum force and explosive force is required: in our Association you can learn the specific techniques of weightlifting (tearing and momentum) that are used to increase these skills, in an absolutely correct and professional, always followed by instructors CONI FIPE.

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