Welcome to Cascina Vicentini, my home.
It is a pleasure to be able to share it with you.

During the renovation of the 800 year old farmhouse I wanted it to be as ecologically friendly as possible. Using biological materials, earth based, natural lime plasters and reopening two wells to provide water for the garden.
The hot water is produced by solar panels, placed in the garden and the electricity by photovoltaic panels. The heating is underfloor, being efficient, effective and retaining the authentic look of the farm house.
Can I ask you to support my efforts by turning off lights that are not needed and only run the water when required.

So, let’s talk about the inhabitants of the farm. I don’t live alone, here with me live my two dogs, seven cats, five chickens, two roosters and fifty thousand bees. The dogs and cats know they are not allowed to enter your spaces, but sometimes they like to say “hello”. As for the bees, don’t worry, they are far from the house and well kept. Don’t hesitate to call me if my pets worry you.

The breakfasts that you will find on the table in the morning are, where possible made by me, using local fruit, honey produced by my bees and eggs from my hens. For the things I don’t make myself, I buy local and non-large-scale products, such as flour, milk, yogurt, biscuits…

This is my world and I hope that it will enchant my guests too. Here I found my paradise and I am happy to share it.
Have a nice stay!

Beauty Luxury for Cascina Vicentini B&B

Hot tub spa BL-801 installed outside, in the panoramic garden.

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Our Address

Via San Pietro 23, 15021 Alfiano Natta (AL), Italy