The Tahiti Camping & Thermae Bungalow Park is considered a high quality campsite at European levels. It is surrounded by greenery and there are three different swimming pools, one of which is pre-Olympic sized, one exotic with palm trees and atoll and a new one based on a Mediterranean lagoon, surrounded by rocks and waterfalls that reminds a typical Roman environment.

Starting from the Camping village Tahiti you can choose the sports activity you would like to practice or decide the excursion you would like to enjoy, surrounded by a pure landscape… a place where land and water have shaped and created an amazing natural area. Over the centuries, the mankind has made huge land reclamation works that have deeply affected the relationship between land and water…

…But not only! The offer of Camping Village Tahiti is really designed to meet the needs of everyone, young and old, lovers of relaxation and more adventurous spirits! From the bungalows to the pitches for camping, from the entertainment and games for children, to the exclusive private beach and the thematic pools, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your holidays as you prefer!

Just a few kilometres from Lido Nation is located the well-known amusement park Mirabilandia, one of the biggest in Europe, and the cultural cities of Ferrara, Ravenna and Venice…

At our reception you can find all the information about walking tracks, bike routes, Nordic Walking experiences, bird watching, horse and boat excursions and trip to Venice, San Marino and Mirabilandia.

Beauty Luxury for Camping Village Tahiti

13 hot tub spa BL-837 installed in the patio of the Giglio mobile homes

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