Agritourism in Pienza, near Siena, located a few kilometers away from Pope Pio II’s home city. The agritourism can be reached via the provincial road leading to the St. Anna Embassy, famous for Sodom frescos and for the movie “The English Patient”, whose scenes have been mostly shot here.

Green meadows, beautiful life-filled woods are the perfect frame for a place like this, full of charm, reservedness and tranquility.

All around the restructured house the homonymous farming business occupies more than 200 hectares and, aside from raising typical livestock, the famous Pienza sheep cheese is produced.

Within the Podere Bagnolo you can find a large panoramic garden offering a breathtaking view, a small gaming park where children can spend time in total safety, a lake for sport fishing and a wonderful internal courtyard available to all guests.

During their stay our guests can, depending on seasons, take part in various activities such as: farming on grounds rich of fruit trees, tomatoes and other vegetables, taking part in zootechnical activities and learning the ancient art of producing and seasoning the sheep cheese. In autumn it’s possible to harvest olives and to taste the fragrance of the oil on a slice of roasted tuscanian bread.

Beauty Luxury for Bagnolo

Hot tub spa BL-801 installed on a cantilevered platform in the garden

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Vai del Cancellino 27, 53026 Pienza (SI), Italy